Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 months!

Happy 5 months to my sweet boy! Where is the time going?? At 5 months he is trying desperately to sit up by himself. When you lay him in a reclining position on his boppy or in his chair, he tries so hard to sit up. I don't think it will be long until he is doing so. He does pretty well in his Bumbo chair!
We went to my mom's house last weekend. Kyle loves his BeBe. I'm so glad that she is close enough to go there for a few days. 

Kyle tried bananas for the first time at BeBe's. He wasn't too sure about the texture of them!

 Kyle had a visit from a Yaya!! Hi Doni! 

Last week Kyle started making a very odd noise when he was fussy. It seemed to get worse and he was more fussy than he has ever been. I thought that maybe he was starting to teethe but this noise was not normal for him. Someone said it sounded like a goose honking. We took him to the dr on Tuesday and she sent us to get chest xrays since she couldn't hear anything in his chest and he wasn't running fever. The xrays showed a little swelling around his vocal cords so she thought it was little croup. She started him on a steroid that day and we had a follow up appointment scheduled for Thursday. Wednesday night he was horrible. He cried and fussed the whole evening. On Thursday morning our doctor told us that the steroids would have acted fast and helped if it were croup. She was worried that maybe he had something in his throat that the xrays didn't show and called and ENT doctor in Decatur to see if she could scope him and take a look. She didn't have an infant scope and we were appointed with a doctor in Southlake the following Monday. So, with no obvious cure for what was going on and no real idea what was going on with him, we were left to wait until Monday. Thursday night he started to seem a little happier and he seemed great over the weekend. He hardly made that sound at all and he was my happy boy again. We decided to go ahead and take him to the appointment in Southlake on Monday just to be sure things were good. That doctor made me feel so stupid for bringing him in. I played the video of Kyle making the sound and he said that it sounded fine to him and that he was just crying. I told him that no, he does not cry like that and he does not act like that (fussy all the time.) He said we could do the scope to rule out anything being wrong so thats what we did. Kyle of course didn't like it and neither did momma like hearing my poor boy cry. But the scope at least relieved my fears of something major being wrong and showed that he had reflux! We decided not to try medicine right now since he seems to be doing better but it is an option for us if we think he needs it. He was pretty fussy again Monday night and yesterday but I think most of it had to do with the discomfort from the scope. Today he seems to be pretty happy. :) 

It can be scary not knowing what is wrong with him or why he is unhappy. I don't want to think nothing is wrong and then find out later that something is. I also don't want to be in the doctor's office every week for something that really is nothing. It really is a guessing game and can just be scary. I can only imagine that he will only go through more and more issues that I will wonder about and just pray that I have good sense to know when he needs the doctor or not. I am blessed with a pretty healthy and happy baby. 

Here he is after a bath. He loves baths...most of the time. :)
And here he is with daddy at reunion. 
I love my boys. 

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  1. It is so frustrating when you know something is wrong with your baby and the drs make you feel dumb! I have dealt with it for 8 years. Mommy knows best! Always. I'm glad he is ok!