Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, I'm wondering if Kyle is starting the teething process. He's showing several signs like increased drooling, hands in his mouth all the time, and yesterday he was not his normal, happy self. He had happy moments, but was more fussy than he's ever been before. He wouldn't nap anywhere besides my arms or his swing. (He rarely takes naps in his swing but it did the trick yesterday!) He was even pretty fussy while nursing. Its hard getting a good look in his mouth, but I don't notice anything yet. I've felt around with my finger and can't feel anything either. But, from what I read, they can show these signs for a while before ever sprouting teeth. I would be totally fine with him waiting a while to get teeth. Nursing doesn't seem that fun when baby has chompers!

Maybe its the teething, but Kyle has not been sleeping his 10+ straight hours each night that he had been doing for about a month. The last few weeks he's been waking up around 5 or 6 and then sleeping again until about 8 or 9. Last night, he was up at 12:30, 5, and 7. I hope this doesn't last long. Since I keep Yeli, I don't get to nap when Kyle does! Lets just hope I can make it through today and hope Kyle sleeps better tonight.

How about some cute pictures of the teething little boy to end the post? :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Postpartum Blah

Kyle will be 16 weeks old tomorrow. 16 weeks ago, I had a large but cute pregnant belly. I really enjoyed pregnancy and never worried much about gaining weight, stretch marks, or all the changes my body was going through. I embraced and just loved most of it. Now, 16 weeks later, I hate it. The only thing that I am loving about this postpartum part is my son.

I know there are the few women who can leave the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans, but I, my friends, am definitely not one of them. 16 weeks later and I can still barely button my "fat" jeans. Towards the end of pregnancy I was so looking forward to wearing pants with a button and waist line, and I still can't. It's so frustrating. Getting dressed every day is just plain depressing. I know it takes time, but I'm telling you, this just isn't fun!

Oh, and the stretch marks I wasn't concerned about during pregnancy?? Yeah, they now shine loud and proud all over the place! I have marks I didn't even notice during pregnancy (maybe because I was too big to see them!) Lets just say that my bikini days are most definitely over with.

Another downer, my once luscious, voluminous pregnant hair is washing down the drain in clumps every single day. Sigh. Oh well, I usually have it pulled up in a ponytail anyway because its too hot and Kyle has learned to grab!

I guess the only part of my postpartum body I'm enjoying at the moment are my large, milk producing tata's. But I realize that these too will change again and not be so voluminous themselves!

My postpartum body is sure depressing, but I will say that all the changes my body has gone through and is going through are worth it every day because of the sweet boy I have. He makes life so much sweeter and just plain better.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

15 weeks 6 days

Wow, I really stink at keeping this updated. Truth is, I rarely get on the actual laptop anymore and check most internet things on my phone. But here goes, an update!

Kyle is almost 4 months old! Man, where does the time go?? He has the best personality and temperament. He smiles almost all of the time, even in his sleep, and he is laughing a lot too. I've found that he is very ticklish on his back, stomach and sides. He squirms, arches his back, and laughs. It's wonderful. His laugh and his smile are the best things in the world.
A few weeks ago, Kyle learned to roll over from his tummy to his back. He doesn't seem to enjoy tummy time all that much so I think he really enjoys that he can flip back over now. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes and other times he will just simply flip over as soon you place him on his tummy. 

He is learning to hold up his head better. I've sat him in his boppy chair a few times and he leans, but holds up his head. 

A few weeks ago, my niece Nayeli started staying with us during the day instead of going to day care. I think Kyle is really enjoying having constant interaction from her and it keeps me busy for sure! It's been a challenge to find activities around the house to keep her busy, but its working out pretty good. The public library has a few events there during the week that we started going to. She likes to read which I think is wonderful. I realized once she started coming here that I am more like my mother each and every day. She didn't want or let us sit in front of the t.v. all day, and I don't want Yeli to either. I'm glad she has a few books to read now. (Another activity my mother really encouraged us to do too.)

I'm so glad I'm able to be a stay at home mom. I love each and every day that I get to spend with my boy. For years I've wondered what my purpose in life was, and now I know that it is to be this sweet boy's momma. It's the best "job" in the world.