Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Baby boy turns 6 months on Saturday. I remember when I was pregnant and had friends whose babies were around 6 months and thought that it was so far away. That felt like yesterday and now here we are. His first birthday will be here before I know it. Sniff, sniff. 

With Nayeli back at school, I feel more like a stay at home mom than I did this summer. It was nice having her with us all day but now that its just Kyle and I until we pick her up at 3, it feels different. Being a stay at home mom can be lonely! I love my boy but I do miss adult interaction! I miss chatting with my co-workers every day. I don't want to give this wonderful opportunity up, but I do miss a few things about working outside of the home. I would love to find a mommy and me play group or something. I need to meet more moms out there like me!! 

Here are a few pictures of my boy.  

He loves to play with cool, wet rags!

The picture he'll hate when he's older :) Look at those sweet cheeks!! 

My aunts gave me this outfit that they found when going through my Big Mama's things after she passed. It still had the tags on it. It was like it was a present for Kyle from her. It's too hot for him to wear now but I knew he wouldn't fit in it in a few months so I had to get a few pictures of him in it. 

"Mom, its hard to roll over with your leg in the way!"

 Last weekend we went to Keller to Sheila's house to meet her daughter Ali. Sheila and I graduated from high school together and probably hadn't seen each other since! We reconnected through Facebook and realized we both had babies due in March! Ali was born a few weeks after Kyle was. It was so nice to catch up and the babies seemed to just love each other. :)  

Labor day weekend is coming up and I hope to make it down to San Angelo for some fun in the sun. Kyle loved the water last time we were there so I hope to get in a few more lake trips while its warm. (Though I am oh so ready for cooler weather!!! Hurry fall, hurry!) 

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  1. Gosh, he looks SO much like you. He's so sweet. I feel like I must be a weirdo, because I actually didn't miss working or the adult interaction when I was at home. I very much dislike "small talk" here at the office and wish I didn't ever have to come in. LOL. If I ever get to quit, we can start our own mom's group!! :)