Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10...almost 11 months!

I'm due an update so here goes...

Kyle will be 11 months next week. His first birthday will be here so soon. I'm busy mentally planning his party and know that I need to get busy actually setting these plans in motion soon. I can't believe my boy is almost a year old! AH!
He is at a fun and busy stage right now. Today he actually walked across the room pushing his walker. I couldn't believe it! Up till now he has just been pulling up on anything and everything and taking a few steps down the side of the couch. Today was the first time he walked with his push walker. Exciting! When he isn't trying to walk, he is crawling everywhere and getting into everything! I learned quickly what I had to baby proof.
This past week was a rough one. Since birth I have nursed Kyle to sleep. I am hoping Kyle will be weaned not long after his first birthday so I realized that nursing him to sleep wouldn't work forever and honestly wasn't that good for either of us anymore. I knew he should be able to fall asleep on his own and without momma so the only way he could learn to do without me was to cry. It was a long, emotional week for us both. But after a few days my sweet boy had it down and is now a champ at laying down in his crib, snuggling with his blanket and going to sleep. He does protest every now and then but not for long and is sleeping so great at night now.
Kyle also has some new teeth popping through! Let me just say, I HATE TEETHING! When his bottom front teeth came in, he fussed a little here and there but it really didn't seem to bother him much. all four of his top front teeth are trying to come in. Two have pushed through and the middle two are close. These seem to really bother him. Teething tablets don't seem to do much. Tylenol works pretty well. But the one thing he seems to want the most is to nurse. At least he is able to sleep all night without waking up in pain. I'm so ready for them to just pop through but I know he has many more to come in so we are no where near the end of all this.

Kyle and I appeared in the December issue of American Baby last year! Such a neat keepsake now. :)
 We so enjoyed Kyle's first Christmas. His first experience was at BeBe's house. 
 Thanks to Pinterest, I got a great idea for taking Kyle's picture for our Christmas card. 

 Christmas Eve. Love my happy boy. 
 Santa brought Kyle balls for a ball pit! 
 He's now learned to throw those balls out of the pack n play...
 After Christmas we spent a few days at the Gaylord with my dad and family. 

 We even took a train ride to the Stockyards one day
 Kyle and I have taken advantage of the warm days we've had lately. 
 A few weeks ago we went to Midland with BeBe to meet our new cousin, Cash Pettit. Kyle loved giving Cash kisses!! 
 We even got to visit with Nana and LuLu! 

The holidays were wonderful and we are enjoying our new year. 2011 brought us joy with the birth of Kyle and heartache with the loss of my father in law, Salvador and Barbara's dad, Joe. I am praying for a fantastic 2012.