Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 months!

I realize I am long over due for an update. Sorry.

Baby boy turns 7 months old tomorrow. Wow, how does time go so fast? I tried uploading updates on my iPhone last night and recieved a message that I had too many videos and photos for the update so I had to go through and clean things out. It was a nice trip down memory lane of when I was pregnant and the first few months of the boy's life. It is hard already remembering him being that small and still! At 7 months, Kyle is anything but still. He isn't crawling yet but seems to be close. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I'm waiting for the day he just takes off!
He is sitting up really well now. As long as a toy is within reach, he will sit and play for a good while now. Sitting up has made it handy for me to sit him in the floor and run to the bathroom or to grab something from another room without coming back to him on the opposite side of the room that he would have rolled to. I realize that once he's crawling, this will be a luxury of the past so I'm enjoying it for now!
Kyle is now eating solids regularly and seems to really enjoy them! Well, he enjoys the fruit! Most veggies make him gag or make a really funny face but I've learned that if I mix them with a little fruit, they go down easier. I know he is still getting most of his nutrition from breast milk so I guess I shouldn't be too worried, I just so want him to love all food like his momma. :)
A week ago my boy cut his bottom front teeth! It amazes me how sharp those little baby teeth are! The teething process hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be. He's been a little fussy but not too bad. I hope he cuts all his teeth this easily.
Jax and Kyle in their Bumbo's at the Olive Garden

the "Stone" grin

 This boy rocks my world :)

 Kyle's first Oktoberfest with Uncle Michael and Aunt Julie (& mom and dad!)

 Uncle Michael was all too happy to give Kyle his first beer

 Not very excited about the avocados


 My baby's first mow hawk

 Kyle got to meet his great grandfather, Papa.