Thursday, September 1, 2011

Domestic Goddess?? Yeah, right...

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I had these visions of what being one would be like. I'd take care of the baby, have a sparkling clean house every day, would look fabulous and have dinner on the table each night when the hubby walked in. A very 1950's like home life.

Two words... yeah, right!

Pretty much the only thing I accomplish every day out of the above mentioned tasks is taking care of the baby. That is the one thing I am sure to do each and every day and do pretty well in my opinion!

A sparkling clean house? If I do manage to get some cleaning done during the day, it usually only looks presentable for a very short time. Kyle isn't even crawling yet so I can't imagine what it will look like around here when he does. I try so hard to keep things picked up, yet, "stuff" just piles up all over the place in minutes it seems. I'm learning that cleaning in its self is a full time job that never, ever ends.

Looking fabulous? It's almost noon and I am still in my glasses and pajamas. Hopefully I'll get in a shower soon and look presentable enough to pick up Nayeli from school in a few hours. Presentable is about as good as I get these days. I didn't want to be the mom in her pj's all day, but its just easier most days. When I don't have to leave the house, why get dressed? Right? Also, my post-partum body doesn't help in the matter. I don't fit in the clothes I think I should by now and hate the process of getting dressed these days. I try on several shirts with the few pairs of shorts that fit, looking for something that doesn't make me look like a whale.

Dinner on the table when hubby comes home? I actually do cook dinner most nights and sometimes it is even ready by the time he comes home. Sometimes not. Sometimes we order pizza or drive-thru and pick something up. Sometimes we just have cereal for dinner.

Am I June Cleaver? Absolutely not. Is life around here a 1950's sitcom? Most definitely not. Are my son and hubby fed and taken care of? Always. My house and myself make look like a disaster most of the time, but this is my life as a stay at home mom. Hopefully I'll learn to keep things cleaner and will try to get dressed every day...but if I don't, I guess we'll just deal with it!