Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Postpartum Blah

Kyle will be 16 weeks old tomorrow. 16 weeks ago, I had a large but cute pregnant belly. I really enjoyed pregnancy and never worried much about gaining weight, stretch marks, or all the changes my body was going through. I embraced and just loved most of it. Now, 16 weeks later, I hate it. The only thing that I am loving about this postpartum part is my son.

I know there are the few women who can leave the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans, but I, my friends, am definitely not one of them. 16 weeks later and I can still barely button my "fat" jeans. Towards the end of pregnancy I was so looking forward to wearing pants with a button and waist line, and I still can't. It's so frustrating. Getting dressed every day is just plain depressing. I know it takes time, but I'm telling you, this just isn't fun!

Oh, and the stretch marks I wasn't concerned about during pregnancy?? Yeah, they now shine loud and proud all over the place! I have marks I didn't even notice during pregnancy (maybe because I was too big to see them!) Lets just say that my bikini days are most definitely over with.

Another downer, my once luscious, voluminous pregnant hair is washing down the drain in clumps every single day. Sigh. Oh well, I usually have it pulled up in a ponytail anyway because its too hot and Kyle has learned to grab!

I guess the only part of my postpartum body I'm enjoying at the moment are my large, milk producing tata's. But I realize that these too will change again and not be so voluminous themselves!

My postpartum body is sure depressing, but I will say that all the changes my body has gone through and is going through are worth it every day because of the sweet boy I have. He makes life so much sweeter and just plain better.

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  1. Tata's!!! Just know that you aren't alone. I am right there with you in the club that doesn't leave the hospital in skinny jeans. It's a struggle every day, but such a blessing to know what came from this tired, sagging body!