Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost 14 months!

Kyle will be 14 months next week. Geeze! My little (almost) 14 month old is on the move now. He's been taking steps for a while but this week he decided that he can walk anywhere and he does! I can't believe it. He keeps me super busy for sure. He loves being outside. He now walks to the door and reaches for the door knob. I'm going to have to get a top latch on the door once he figures out how to open it! 

As I read my last post, it said I was weaning. Well...we did good for a few days until he got the flu. That started us back at square one because he wouldn't eat or drink anything and wanted to nurse constantly. We started weaning again a few weeks ago...and he got sick again. we are trying again. I decided to try weaning "cold turkey" and the only thing I can say is, "OUCH!" He nursed once yesterday morning and that was it. By the time I went to bed last night, I was so engorged and in so much pain. I've been researching and reading and sit here now with cabbage leave compresses and still don't have much relief. He did nurse twice today, very briefly, and I'm just hoping that each day gets better. Besides being physically painful, it has been very emotional for me as well. As ready as I am to not breastfeed anymore, I also already miss the bonding time we share with it. Only I was able to do that with him and once he stops, we'll never have that special time again. But its time and we can do it. 
Jax, Brittyn and Kyle
Our March babies

 Kyle with my dad, his LuLu

 Kyle loved "driving" the boat

 Kyle and his Yeli

 My sweet boy loves riding around in his wagon with LuLu

 Easter Sunday

 We met the Pioneer Woman with Erica! 

This video makes us laugh every time
Sweet boy's first steps! 

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